Bredenhof Hop Farm
Contact: Raymond and Tracey Bredenhof
Address: 4109 Boundary Rd Abbotsford, BC, V3G 2N3
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About Us
Bredenhof Hops Farm is offering something rarely seen in Canadian markets: Hop Shoots. Hops are plants that are traditionally grown for their flowers or cones. These cones are full of essential oils which are used for brewing beer. We harvest our hop cones once per year, in September. In the early spring we also harvest hop shoots which is the first growth of this perennial plant. This encourages the plant to put out more and stronger shoots. Hop shoots are only available for five weeks each year.
A hop shoots flavor is fresh and green and may remind you of asparagus or green beans. They have a delicate flavor so they can be lost in too much seasoning.
Our farm is in Abbotsford, nestled between the slopes of the Vedder Mountain and the banks of the Vedder River. We have ten acres of rich, sandy loam soil on which we grow 6000 hop plants on a custom built, 18 foot tall trellis. We hope you enjoy trying our hop shoots.