Glen Valley Artichoke Farms
Contact: Donna Plough
Address: 28182 Marsh McCormick rd Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2G9
Email Address:
Phone: 778-808-7758
About Us
We are a small, 20-acre family-run farm in BC’s Fraser Valley, near Fort Langley. The cool, misty mornings create excellent conditions for artichokes. We plant 20,000 artichoke plants each spring and harvest them from late July until the frost arrives. Each plant can yield three to five artichokes. We also grow summer and winter squash, beans and peppers, cabbage, kale, cardoons, tomatoes, and more. Our produce can be found on the menus of a number of Vancouver’s best restaurants. We use 15 acres for farming and the remaining 5 acres is currently forested. We have dedicated the forestry area to the Land Conservancy – firmly believing in the need to preserve our forest lands. We are members of the Conservation Partners Program, a province-wide initiative of The Land Conservancy.
We use natural, sustainable farming methods to grow healthy local food. The use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are not employed on our farm. Natural insect predators are encouraged such as birds and ladybugs. A local beekeeper keeps several hives on our farm, which provides benefits for both our crops and the bees. Irrigation systems ensure that the plants receive sufficient water at the most beneficial pH both for plants and consumers – this occurs naturally in the aquifer we draw from. Crops are rotated periodically and plant material left is ploughed back into the soil. We have eliminated the use of pearlite from our potting soils as pearlite does not break down in the fields. Plastic irrigation lines are reused. All our products are picked and brought in from the field in food-safe reusable plastic totes.