BE Ingredients
Contact: Melanie & Andrew
Address: 25160 72 ave Langley, BC, V4W 1H9
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About Us
Be Ingredients is a family owned farm business that focuses on providing quality foods, while building community around locally grown produce. We farm in a Permiculture style, and currently grow hazelnuts, cider Apple trees, barley, hops and we raise chickens for eggs and honey bees for honey. Our chickens are pasture raised and our honey bees are raised with the importance of their bee health as the top priority. We do not send our bees out for pollinating so all the honey is wild flower honey and is a different colour with each honey super that is extracted depending on the flowers the bees choose.
Be Ingredients believes we are what we eat and the choices we make can have a positive impact on your feeling of well being, as well as the local environment. Be Ingredients, Be the ingredients of Life! Be Hoppy, Be Sweet, Be Nutty!