Tesfa Farms
Address: 18050 88 Ave. Surrey, BC, V4N 6E8
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About Us
Tesfa means hope in Amharic. The unique combination of hope and Water Buffalo meet together on our Fraser Valley family run farm. Hope is what motivates us and what we want to share with others. Locally we seek to do that through the provision of fresh, healthy and nutrient dense food, but we want to give that hope to those struggling to provide food to their families in third world countries using and supporting practices that we hope will play a part in redeeming agriculture. We are passionate about food and animals and strive to offer high quality food and artisan products free of hidden additives. These gentle domesticated Asian Water Buffalo are not to be confused with the American Bison, although they do offer similar health benefits.

Health Benefits of Water Buffalo DAIRY:
All of our milk is only pasteurised, not homogenized so you will get the old fashioned cream top!
58% more Calcium
40% more protein
43% LESS cholesterol
Contains A2 Beta Casein
(More digestible than A1 found in traditional cows milk).
High levels of natural antioxidant tocopherol
Rich source of phosphorus & Vitamin A