Rondriso Farms
Contact: Ron & Pam Tamis
Address: 8390 172nd street, Surrey, BC, V4N 3G4
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About Us
Rondriso Farms is comprised of an SPCA Certified Simmental cow/calf operation, hay operation, pumpkin patch, and of course our vegetable production for our box program and farmers markets. We have a small store on our farm where we sell our eggs, meat and produce, as well as a variety of locally grown and produced items such as pork, chicken and ice cream. The Tamis family has farmed in Surrey since 1958, and Rondriso Farms was started in 2001 as small cow/calf and hay operation. As our family grew we looked at ways to sustain the farm without any off farm income which led us to the pumpkin patch and produce. Both Pam and I have been at home together since 2008, raising our 3 boys and enjoying the farming life. We are now able to employ seasonal help on the farm to produce a variety of crops.
We are very conscientious about the health of our soil, crop rotation, and sustainability of our farm. We grow in rich black peat soil that provides superior flavour for our produce. We are a biologically sustainable farm in the aspects of we produce our own compost for our crops. Our soil is high in organic matter and we concentrate on replenishing that through our manuring and composting. We use organic and conventional fertilizer to maximize yields and nutritional quality, but avoid all the commercial pesticides used strictly for aesthetics. Except for our sweet corn, all our crops are free from herbicides and insecticides. We operate a 3 year rotation starting with corn, then pumpkins, then vegetables. Our growing methods are based from a book called "The Biological Farmer", by Gary Zimmer.