Your Wildest Foods
Contact: Matt & Olivia McAllister
Address: 6085 Bradner Road Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2C7
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Phone: 604-615-5380
About Us
Your Wildest Foods is the endeavor of Matt McAllister and his wife, Olivia. We provide an array of wild delicacies to those interested in what our beautiful woodlands have to offer. We explore British Columbia in pursuit of its prestigious wild mushrooms such as the morel and the matsutake, as well as wild vegetables like sea asparagus and fiddleheads. Through it all, we hope to help bring the culture of foraging back into a society that has leaned very far the other way. We hope to spark some excitement about the great value that our wildernesses hold- be it culinarily, ecologically, or interactively.
Our foraging practices are extremely simple. We venture into our west coast woodlands to harvest the mushrooms or greens that are in season. We are always mindful not to trample or destroy the ecosystem as we harvest, not take more than the plant/fungi can bear, and not to leave anything behind. We pick only quality product, and brush away most of the soil (start with a clean product, and you do yourself and your customers a huge favour) right away. We then bring our bounty home for refrigeration and distribution. what we don't sell (or cook ourselves) we dehydrate (in the case of the mushrooms and nettle) and pickle (in the case of the fiddleheads and sea asparagus.)