Chick Inn Farm
Contact: Ineke Kooyman
Address: 7324 Hopedale Road Chilliwack, BC, V2R 4J9
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About Us
Our Chick Inn has a permit from the BC Egg Board allowing us to have 399 laying hens.
We have to wash, grade and find our own market for our eggs. We do this with love and
knowing that there are many people who want farm fresh, hand gathered, free range eggs.
It is family oriented and with that our children also pick the eggs, and help with packaging them.
Our hens are housed in the required standards of the BCEB rules. At the moment they are indoors
waiting for some sun and warmth and will be able to go in and out at their own leisure. They are fed
an all vegetarian diet and the choice of alfalfa flakes to pick through.