Squamish Water Kefir
Contact: Sabrina Horlyck
City: Squamish, BC,
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About Us
Squamish Water Kefir Co. was born in 2015 and continues to be brewed by a couple of nutrition-nerds, Sabrina and Kristin, who live with their wildling children (who are serious water kefir addicts), surrounded and inspired by the beautiful mountains of Squamish, BC.
Water kefir aligns with our principles of natural, good ole'-fashioned, time-tested, simple, home kitchen health practices.

The company has grown from the small kitchen party operation of yesteryear, though we will never outgrow the valued opinions gained by making friends, family, and the neighbourhood children our guinea pigs. We are proud of this product and its ability to bring healthy probiotics, and digestive enzymes to kitchen tables in our community, and beyond.
What is Water Kefir?
Water kefir is a centuries old fermented drink that is packed full of the probiotics and beneficial digestive enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals our bodies love.

Kefir by the way is pronounced "kuh-feer".

Many people are familiar with milk kefir, but what about water kefir? Both products are fermented beverages that use "grains" of kefir culture to ferment sugars into yummy goodness. Although both products are referred to as "grains", these are not actual grains like wheat or rye, but rather colonies of live bacteria and yeast living in symbiotic relationship, sometimes referred to as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). The kefir colonies look like little crystals, or "grains", hence the name.

We feed our water kefir grains fair-trade organic cane sugar following a simple, time honoured recipe, using an authentic two-step fermentation process that takes place in water.

Traditional cultures have a long history of using fermented food or drink as a staple in their diets, and these ancient crystals have passed through thousands of hands before finding their way to our kitchen - we love to take this wisdom from the past and apply it to our modern lives.

If you can't tolerate dairy, or if you are just looking for a low-sugar alternative to juice and sodas, our water kefir is adored by kids and adults alike, and can be a fun and easy way to quench your thirst while adding a wide range of probiotics to your diet.