Windy Hill Garden
Contact: Molly Armstrong
City: Chilliwack, BC,
Email Address:
Phone: 604-769-3305
About Us
We (Molly, Gabriel and our boys Liam, and Luca) live in a tiny cabin on 1 1/4 acre in the Chilliwack River Valley. It's where we call home base, where our boys play soccer, where I tend a few beehives, grow veggies for our family, and where we nurture our (if we may say so ourselves) magnificent Red Russian garlic.
More of a big garden than a farm, we tilled only once, to break ground. We use deep mulch and compost and the no-till method to foster soil health and increase carbon sequestration. We've never used sprays, synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The care and quality can be seen and tasted.