Round Table Farms
City: Langdale, BC,
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About Us
Round Table Farms is a small scale farm based on the Sunshine Coast. We are in the midst of a multi-year program to convert a 60 acre, heavily wooded property into a key pillar for the growth of agriculture in our community. Currently we cultivate 2 acres focusing on seasonal veggies both outdoors and within our 4 greenhouses. Our most significant production area is our microgreen facility which allows us to produce a high quality product through the winter. Our team is committed to promoting and developing Sunshine Coast agriculture within our local network and the Greater Vancouver region.
From the beginning, we have developed our farm with a strict adherence to organic practices and a conscientious approach to packaging and distribution. Although we are not currently certified, we follow the guidelines for permitted substances as defined by the Standards Council of Canada. Our irrigation needs are met by two wells on the property as well as by a 1 million gallon irrigation pond that we have dug. When we’re out in the field, we’ve usually got a hand tool or a broadfork although we often rely on our walk behind tractor to shape the land. Our microgreen production is housed in an insulated shipping container complete with an automated ventilation system.