Klippers Organics
Contact: Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein
Address: 2200 Ferko Road Cawston, BC, V0X 1C2
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About Us
Klippers Organics began as a small 5-acre Certified Organic farm, created by co-founders Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein. With a history in the restaurant industry, Kevin was eager to get involved with the other side of food production and help directly produce the food that people eat.

Annamarie grew up with organic farming and realized the importance of producing healthy, fresh food from an early age. Her parents, Hans and Mary Forstbauer, were renowned across BC for pioneering organic farming methods, with the Forstbauer Natural Food Farm becoming one of BC's first practicing organic and biodynamic farms in 1977. Mary Forstbauer went on to become the founder and president of the Certified Organic Association of BC, president of the BC Association of Farmers Markets and an advocate for GMO labelling.

Annamarie later pursued a restaurant management career before returning to start her own farm alongside Kevin where they combined their skills and passion for great food to create Klippers Organics in 2001. The once small 5-acre farm has expanded into the 40-acre farm that it is today.
We believe food should be organic, fresh and grown without pesticides or genetic modification - just as nature intended. Our fruit and vegetables are farmed organically, harvested at optimum ripeness and delivered directly to our farmers markets and restaurants preserving freshness, taste and nutrient value.