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About Us
I was born in Korea and lived there many years. I was a researcher and lectured at several universities. My focus was Korean and Western traditions of music composition. It’s rewarding to rediscover history’s good ideas. This is true with music and food. When I was young, my mother showed how to make Kimchi. It was my turn to learn about a traditional food that had proved itself with each new generation. I came to understand that Kimchi was something more than a simple dish. Like music and art, it was an expression of generosity. Fast forward to now—I’ve been in Canada for more than a decade bringing Kimchi to Canadians via restaurants and markets. I have always felt privileged to expose these traditional, generous and beautiful things. I feel that what makes us happy, exists to be shared.
Korean cabbage kimchi usually contains hot pepper flakes (known as Gochugaru in Korean) which are ground, dried chili peppers. Growing hot peppers is not easy because of pests, so farmers often use pesticides. However, I import my pepper flakes from eco-friendly, health-conscious farmers in Korea who use little to no pesticides. Furthermore, they sun-dry their peppers by hand rather than using machines. These practices lead to higher quality peppers with more beautiful natural colours and better taste. The Napa Cabbage and radish are sourced locally, depending on the season. The green onions I grow myself in my backyard. While I don’t want to speak badly of other kimchi brands, many are produced by machines in factories. Every step in my kimchi’s production process is done by human hands. Furthermore, it is all natural. Rather than adding sugar, it is sweetened by radish, pear, onions, and sticky rice. These ingredients all come together to create a sweet, natural taste, with no gluten that is vegan friendly.