Early Bird Family Farm
Contact: Barb & Karl Pearson
Address: 2768 256th St Langley, BC, V4W 1Y4
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About Us
A couple years ago, while living in the city, our family reached a crossroads. We were disheartened with the direction in which our planet was heading. Global warming, mass consumerism, factory farming and excessive packaging are a few examples. We wanted to do our part to help heal the planet but it didn't seem like anything was enough. Little did we know, a health crisis in the family ended up being the best thing that ever happened to us as it prompted us to leave everything we knew behind and learn how to farm in order to realize the sustainable lifestyle we desired. As we were forced to learn the true meaning of “you are what you eat” by attempting to heal the body with real food, we realized that by growing our own healthy food we could also do our part for the planet. By living off our land, we are able to utilize the precious resources this earth gives us to grow healthy and delicious food for ourselves and our animals which we then compost to create healthy soil. We are able to live by our values by raising pastured animals that are treated humanely and live happy lives until the moment they die in order to give us the best possible quality food. We hope to be able to continue doing our part for the planet and for the community by sharing our food with you.
We use permaculture and biodynamic agriculture principles to enrich the soil which in
turn creates food that properly nourishes the people that eat it. We maintain heritage
breeds of animals that are well-suited for sustainable, grass-based and organic
systems. We have chosen to heal the earth without the use of chemicals, instead
using a variety of regenerative farming techniques including crop rotation, composting,
interplanting, green manures, soil fertility management and careful treatment of
livestock to ensure longevity and quality, working with nature instead of against it.
Our natural pastured poultry (no use of antibiotics or hormones) is an important part of
this cycle. Not only do we provide our birds with the ability to forage all day every day
in addition to a supplement of certified organic feed but they in turn fertilize our land
and give us fantastic tasting and healthy meat and eggs.