Earth Apple Farm
Contact: Shirlene Cote
Address: 8550 Bradner Road Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2H5
Email Address:
Phone: 778-829-2683
About Us
Glen Valley Organic Farm is a 50 acre parcel of agricultural land with forest, streams, orchards, pasture and spectacular fertile floodplain soil for growing our colourful produce. Earth Apple grows on 6 acres of this beautiful property and also raises hens and ducks for eggs on pasture.

Farmer Shirlene started the farm in 2011 as a side project rooted in an obsession with the hugely diverse staple crop—potatoes. The obsession grew over the years, and so did the types of vegetables and then the farm and business until in 2016 the farm and farmer had to move from the 1.5 acre peri-urban farm lot in South Burnaby to the big, magical and rural location in Glen Valley. Shirlene’s obsession has grown into a great and deep love for growing food, good honest work, learning to contend with natures wild and humbling ways, navigating challenges and trying out new varieties of vegetables each year. In 2016, the farm underwent its first organic certification audit and is looking forward to a certificate in the mail any day now.

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Earth Apple Organic Farm is part of Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op based alongside the Fraser River in beautiful Glen Valley, Abbotsford, BC. The farm's foundation was built on growing les pommes de terre, but has since diversified, growing more than 100 varieties of vegetables and fruit. Our mission is to grow organic, nutritious, tasty produce and deliver it fresh and local through our CSA program, farmers markets, to restaurants and other great kitchens and eateries in the lower mainland.