Fraserland Organics
City: Delta, BC,
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Phone: 604-946-2643
About Us
We believe in the strength and the passion of the family farm. Fraserland Organics is a small trio of certified organic family farms working co-operatively to provide great tasting organic crops. The participating farms are the Bow Chong Farms, Dhaliwal Farms and the Fraserland Farms, all based in Delta.
Our potatoes are grown organically, which means we don't use any man-made synthetic chemicals on our potatoes. We use crop rotation and cover crops to maintain healthy soils. You can feel good about leaving the peel on when cooking our potatoes, and benefit from all the nutritious fibre and vitamins that are found in the skin.

Fraserland Organics actively participates with Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust and its programs to help conserve agricultural and wildlife resources.

By planting hedgerows, trees and shrubs we can provide year-round habitats and nesting sites for birds, mammals and insects. We also plant winter cover crops after our summer crops have been harvested. This benefits the nitrogen levels and soil structure as well as providing a great food source for snow geese and other waterfowl