Pristine Foods
Contact: Jack Kardux, Derek Kardux
Address: 49733 Chilliwack Central Rd Chilliwack, BC, V2P 6H3
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About Us
Pristine Foods started out in 2011 as a seasonal farm that grew a wide range of spray-free field vegetables for the local farmers markets. Shortly afterwards, we began working with Muddy Waters, a small restaurant in Harrison Hot Springs that sources most of their ingredients locally. We’ve used their feedback to focus on vegetable varieties with traits especially suited to their needs. As a result, we currently specialize in protected cultivation of hydroponic specialty lettuce and soil grown tomatoes. Additionally, we have outdoor space where we grow a variety of crops based on customer demand.

At Pristine Foods, our goal is to grow the best quality produce without using chemical pesticides. We do this by using more advanced growing techniques such as hydroponics, controlled indoor propagation, mulching, and drip irrigation. Pests and weeds are controlled mainly by using biological and mechanical methods, with conventional methods used only as a last resort.